3 Things You Can Say if You're Worried Someone is Experiencing a Suicidal Crisis

1. I'm here for you. 

Feeling suicidal can be very isolating and it's easy for someone to feel alone, even if they're surrounded by people that love them. Let them know that you are there for them to remind them they're not alone. Remember to set boundaries for yourself, recognising the emotional impact it may have on you to hear someone talk about feeling suicidal. 

2. Are you thinking about taking your own life? 

This can be a scary question to ask and it's important to prepare yourself with support for whatever the answer may be. Asking this question does not encourage someone to make a suicide attempt, instead it lets you know how immediate the risk is. If they are thinking about taking their own life, help them find the right support as soon as possible. If they're based in Liverpool, reach out to James Place here or they can text JP to our crisis line on 85258. 

3. Thank you for talking to me about how you're feeling 

People can often keep suicidal thoughts to themselves for fear of the burden it brings to their loved ones. When someone opens up about these feelings to family and friends it can be a relief to understand the situation. Thank them for trusting you and let them know that you're grateful to them for sharing this with you, as it makes it much easier to support them in finding help. 

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