Evaluation of our therapeutic intervention

Psychological variables before and after therapy*

Psychological variables before and after therapy*

Satisfaction of service*

Were happy with the time
 it took us to get in contact

Felt treated with respect
 and dignity

Felt better after contact
 with James’ Place

* Figures taken from questionnaire completed by 39 men

Webinar | Evaluation of James' Place's therapeutic intervention for men in suicidal crisis

On 21 October 2020, James’ Place hosted an online event to launch the first evaluation of its intervention for men in suicidal crisis.

Clare Milford Haven, co-founder and trustee, Ellen O’Donoghue, CEO and Jane Boland, Clinical Lead at James' Place, joined by Dr Pooja Saini from Liverpool John Moores University, discussed James' Place's approach and the findings of the report.


What men say about James' Place

During the interviews, men described how James’ Place enabled them to feel safe and cared for and provided an environment in which they could speak to someone about their problems.

All of the men interviewed described how James’ Place had increased their feelings of hope, improved relationships with family members, and ultimately reduced suicidal thoughts. Most of the men spoke about being in suicidal crisis and described that they were not sure where they would have gone for help if James’ Place was not there and that, ultimately, they may not have survived.