About James' Place

Our story

James’ Place exists to save the lives of men in suicidal crisis. The charity was set up by Clare Milford Haven and Nick Wentworth-Stanley in 2008 after their twenty-one-year-old son, James, died by suicide ten days after a minor operation. James had no history of mental illness or depression and had sought urgent help for anxiety and suicidal thoughts, but didn’t find it.

James' Place makes the experience of finding help as easy as possible. It offers men who are experiencing a suicidal crisis a brief, intensive, therapeutic intervention in a safe environment. Men who walk through the door at James’ Place will be in a space where they feel valued and respected.

The first James’ Place opened in June 2018 in Liverpool, the first of its kind in the UK. Our second James’ Place centre opened in London in 2022, and we will open three new centres in the UK over the next three years. We have to date supported more than 800 men experiencing suicidal crisis, delivering over 2,000 therapy sessions using an innovative and safe therapeutic intervention.