Our Art Project

Liverpool Centre Art

Alex chooses each piece with the intention to spark a feeling of hope, a positive emotion or a newly found interest in art from men seeking help in the centres.

After leading on the project for our Liverpool centre art, Alex has recently undertaken the task of providing works for our latest James’ Place in Bunhill Row, London. The pieces on display in both our Liverpool and London centres offer a sense of identity and relevance to each environment.

Additionally, we hope that being shown at James’ Place will benefit the artists and encourage their practice.

“The hope that we could support the critical work of James’ Place, in Finn’s memory through art,  came alive with the creation of the James’ Place Art Project”, said Alex.

“Originating from a place of deepest sadness, this idea has become a reality, with the project now helping contribute to the healing environment that welcomes the men who use our centres. These are places that are full of hope, solace and respect.  It is also a privilege to work with many talented artists who have embraced our vision with generosity and openness. Art really can bring hope and contribute positively in unexpected ways.”

Each piece is only temporarily shown at James’ Place until the piece is sold and moved to its new home. Each artist is donating a portion of their sale to support the work we do to help men in suicidal crisis.

Alex has plans to create more art activities at James’ Place, including events and partnerships with local galleries.

We would like to thank all our James’ Place Artists for allowing us to show their work in our centres in Liverpool and London and for so kindly supporting the charity through the sale of their art.  We would also like to thank James Elwes at TIN MAN ART (tinmanart.co.uk @tinmanart) for his time and generous support.  

If you have any queries about the James’ Place Art Project, please contact Alex.

London Centre Art