At James’ Place we work with men from the Liverpool area who are experiencing a suicidal crisis. By this, we mean that you might be experiencing intense and distressing suicidal thoughts, perhaps feelings of hopelessness and despair and maybe you’ve made plans or intend to act on your suicidal thoughts. You may have undertaken recent suicidal acts or attempts to end your life.


We support men (including those who identify as male), 18 and over and who are willing and able to engage in talking therapy. You must be registered or eligible for registration with a GP. We cannot help men without access to stable accommodation for the period of the intervention.


We are unable to support men who are under the care of Secondary Mental Health services, for example being in the care of a mental health practitioner. We cannot help those who are being supported with complex drug and alcohol issues.

  • Intense and distressing suicidal thoughts

  • Feelings of hopelessness and despair

  • Plans or intent to act on their suicidal thoughts

  • Recent suicidal acts or attempts- with or without physical harm


  • Men (and people who identify as men) age 18 +

  • Men from the Liverpool area

  • Men experiencing a Suicidal Crisis

  • Men willing and able to engage in talking therapy

  • Registered with a GP - or eligible for registration

  • Men with access to stable accommodation for the period of the intervention

  • Men currently getting support from Secondary Mental Health services- or who would be eligible for that support

  • Men who are street homeless

  • Men with complex drug or alcohol problems

If you think that you meet the criteria above and you believe that our intervention will be beneficial to you, please fill in this form and email it back to A member of our team will get in touch with you as soon as possible and within 24 hours. 

If we are unable to help you based on those criteria and you need urgent support, please visit your local walk in centre or A&E.  

You can also find support by calling Samaritans, Papyrus or CALM.

Hub of hope could help you find the closest services available to you.

You can find more information about serviby visiting the website of your local NHS Mental Health Trust.

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